It is now more than a year since Joann Sfar’s comic album adaptation of The Little Prince was published. On 15 September 2008, the Théâtre l’Européen raised the curtain on a world first – a reading of The Little Prince by actor François Morel, with live illustrations by… none other than Joann Sfar. As Sfar’s newly released film “Gainsbourg  (Vie héroïque)” proves a box-office success (500,00O tickets sold in the first week), we offer you an opportunity to look back at this artistic performance by a Joann Sfar at the peak of his style and François Morel, turned reader for the space of an evening.




The actor gives us an intense reading of the work, a few funny asides and real emotion at the most poignant moments of the tale. The two are backed by musicians, whose role is merely to remind us of the Little Prince’s odyssey and to accompany the distinctive line that is uniquely Joann Sfar’s.





You can find Joann Sfar’s album in the online store.