48 Little Prince Book collectors all around Turkey came together to exhibit 170 different books in different languages, dialects and shapes, in Ankara. This collective exhibition will be held on 16-24 May 2015 in Tayfa Kitapkafe, in Ankara.

Visitors are enjoying the exhibition of a large collection of The Little Prince copies, including rare languages, mini books, and special editions from all around the world. They also gave the opportunity to see the first Turkish copies, which were printed as a series in Çocuk ve Yuva magazine and as 2 different books in 1953.

At this week, there are also conferences on Little Prince book, collectors’ experience, travels for Little Prince, language learning via Little Prince, translation process in different languages/dialects in Turkey, project on photographing Little Prince tattoos; workshops for kids, and readings in different languages.

The collectors formed an initiative called “Little Prince Museum Initiative” and say that “it is time for a Little Prince Museum in Turkey”.