Barcelona hosts a musical performance of The Little Prince at the end of the year! 

The show will begin on December 5th to Barth Barcelona room and will be on stage through January 11, under the direction of Angel Llàcer and Manu Guix , two friends who have worked together on many other projects.
The set, which will be one of the key elements was created by Tatiana Jorqui Halbach and Queralt. They use mappings to complement the physical elements that will scroll to the needs of each scene. The music, created by Guix will be based on a total of 15 pieces of various musical styles (ballads, jazz, contemporary music)

The name of the actor who plays the title role will remain secret until the fall, but some of the other characters are already known: Xavi Duch play the businessman and geographer, Marc Pociello embody Fox and King, Angel Llàcer will Gadel Aviator and Elena will be the Rose.

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