Phenomenal success for The Little Prince in Italy


The Little Prince continues to triumph in international theaters. After achieving excellent results in Latin America,China, and Poland, it is now Italy‘s turn to succumb to the charms of this 100% French animated feature.

In early December 2015, The Little Prince became the most successful French animated film of all time. It then went on to cross the 15 million admissions threshold abroad at the end of the year, a figure that includes almost 5 million admissions in China, over 2 million in Brazil and Mexico, 770,000 in Poland, and 522,000 in South Korea, to name but a few countries.

And these figures do not take into account the film’s continuing international career, which will extend throughout the better part of 2016.

Before it is released in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the USA, The Little Prince has currently hit screens in Italy, where it has been offered a royal welcome. It registered 420,000 admissions in its first three days (for €2.9 million in ticket sales), with its distribution handled by Lucky Red.

This is the most successful launch for a majority French film in Italy since the early 2000s, according to UniFrance statistics.