‹The Little Prince› is a journey embarked upon by the ‘adult’who regards the reality desolate like the desert to be all life is,and the ‘child’ who imagines an oasis somewhere in thatdesert, sharing empathy and searching for the ‘true meaningof life’. This performance lets us look at the world that we livein now through the eyes of ‘The Little Prince’ from outside theearth, and does not just give a contemptuous look at theprofit-obsessive urban people. Rather, it suggests areconstruction of ‘unfamiliarity’ to ‘familiarity’, appropriatingfear and gloom to anticipation and fascination, through theevent of ‘encountering’. With the video that metaphorizes thelife in reality, the dance that provides a different temporalperspective to reality, and the projection of images drawn bythe audience on tablets all intersected, the multi-dimensionalstage stimulates imagination and approaches thephilosophical theme that the countless encountersexperienced in life could actually be the starting point of accepting differences.

2016.12. 9(Fri)-12.11(Sun) Weekday 8pm, Weekend 3pm
Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater / R 50,000 S 30,000 A10,000
Choreography: Aesoon Ahn, Plot · Script: Jeewoon Kim,Music: Jaeil Jeong