bandeau bobino


The Little Prince, an adaptation written for theater by Stéphane Pezerat, will be played at Bobino, December 15th and January 20th at 8PM!

The sun rises over the Sahara desert. Down a dune, a plane landed and a man is sleeping on the sand. The first rays of sun warmed the morning air and the desert awakens in a symphony of extraordinary colors.A little boy runs down the dune, he stops in front of the sleeping pilot, and asks, « Please draw me a sheep! »
The adventures of Saint-Exupéry and the Little Prince are famous around the world. The Little Prince discovers  grown-ups through burlesque characters : the conceited man, the drinker or the businessman. He will describe them as « quite extraordinary » He also discovers friendship with his new friend the fierce fox finally tamed, and the danger with the snake, if venomous and threatening.

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