This summer, the Little Prince theme park will open !

All begins with a wonderful encounter…

– Aérophile, a french SME manufacturer of tethered balloons, the only approved aircraft for leisure and amusement parks. Jérôme Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi, both passionate about balloons who always wanted to share their passion with others. After twenty years, they are both, manufacturers with more than 60 balloons sold in more than 30 countries and operators of 8 sites in France and in the US, fl ying 500 000 passengers per year.

– The Little blond boy coming from the asteroid B612, a little angry with his rose, whose story has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide! The Little Prince is the most (nonreligious) translated book in the world, in 275 languages. The author, Antoine de St Exupéry, who died for France – 70 years ago next July 2014 – is both a legendary pilot, hero of the Aeropostale (patented in Alsace in 1921 !) and a world-famous writer.

– And a beautiful site, in Ungersheim, about twenty kilometers from Mulhouse and Colmar, at the foot of the Vosges balloons. The location of the future park is where fell, in November 7th 1492, the fi rst preserved and studied meteorite in the world called the meteorite of Ensisheim. 500 years later, the Little Prince Park will be installed on this same site, the amazing design of which reminds us of the impact of this meteorite and the planet B612 and its satellites.



Jérôme Giacomoni, Olivier d’Agay and Matthieu Gobbi

The first aerial Park in the world !

Visitors will be invited to travel to the other planets of the Little Prince, aboard three “planet balloons”:

Using the principle of the lighter than air, passengers will travel up to 150 meters above the ground and will discover a unique view of the most beautiful scenery of Europe: to the West the Vosges, to the East the Black Forest and in the north-south axis, the plain of Alsace. In close proximity, the emblematic figure of the region, the Ecomusée and the former potash mine of Carreau Rodolphe, and nearby, Germany and Switzerland!

The third planet is more a gigantic aerial platform. Feet in the sky dangling up to 35 meters off the ground,  enjoying the beauty of an
exceptional 360° view, a glass in the hand : the planet of the Drinker is combining emotions and conviviality.


A poetic, fun and educational project, the Little Prince Park is a unique “French” concept in the world. It features more than thirty “experiences”.

The adventure of the Little Prince, a 3D movie where he travels from planet to planet; questions regarding astronomy, a big quiz for children and adults, developed with the scientific support of Jean-Baptiste Renard, director of research on global environment at the CNRS.

The Wings of Courage, the great story of the Aeropostale retracing the tale of Guillaumet in the Andes; Night Flight, a journey full of sensations simulating the epic conditions of the pilot without visibility, and Southern Mail, where the young aeronauts carry the mail to the right continent.

The Dew of the Desert to refresh young and old, the Labyrinth of the Fountain that will showcase the 53 minutes of the Little Prince or Travel under the Sea, a journey by sea scooter to discover the fauna of the depth of the Mediterranean.

The Butterfl y Farm, first breeding farm of indigenous Lepidoptera open to the public, Draw me a Sheep and the Rose Garden. Two unique and original shows Dancing with the Sheep and Encounter with the Foxes, in which actors are big fl uffy balls with long ears or covered with wool.

And many more surprises !