Starting September 1st 2010, The Little Prince Store launches a large charity business operation on with The Reunica Foundation. This charity is called GIVE A FRIEND. The main character of the charity is the Fox. He is the Little Prince’s friend, and the one who teaches the Little Prince the meaning of friendship.


The Fluffy Fox : Friend and more
How does it work : GIVE A FRIEND starts on Sept 1st and ends on Dec 31st.
Visit and order a Fluffy Fox for ½ the retail price. You won’t receive the Fox you buy, we will give it to the Reunica Foundation who will give it to a child in a hospital. The idea is to give a friend to a lonely kid, just like the Little Prince when he met and tamed the Fox.

A gift for a lonely child
All the Fluffy Fox collected during that period will be given to the Reunica Foundation. We want to give hundreds of fluffy fox to a maximum of child. The symbol behind this fluffy fox can change a lot of thing. We know how hard it is for a kid to spend time in a hospital, and how days are long when you’re lying on a bed. So this new friend will help a lot of kids, and the fox will become their friend as the Little Prince became his in the book.


In 2010, The Little Prince & Reunica Celebrate their 5 years collaboration
Since 2005, Reunica & The Little Prince have worked together. Reunica choose the Little Prince as their image because of the great values they have in common. The Little Prince means peace and friendship all around the globe, and Reunica has always helped people in need when needed. The message behind the Little Prince is important and it can makes a difference.