It’s Friday! This is the day of your creations.

Thank you again for your participation in this event. You can still send us your beautiful works of art via our Facebook page.


Itzel García

Itzel Garcia

IneSka NJežnjička

IneSka NJežnjička _ The Little Prince and the round belly planet

Melike Aslı Uysal Köse

Melike Aslı Uysal Köse. When the cake is a work of art.

Nina Papadopoulos

Nina Papadopoulos _ A gift to tame each other ?

Philip Maldonado2

Philip Maldonado _ Your rose is unique, Little Prince…

the little prince in Cali Colombia South América - anamaria Mccormick

Anamaria Mccormick _ It is truly useful since it is beautiful.

Tomas G Barnes

Thomas G Barnes _Here is the best portrait I managed to make of him, later on.

Thi B. Nguyen

Thi B. Nguyen _ We write of the eternal things.

Fabiola Prieto

Fabiola Prieto