… he is there not as a pupil but to raise awareness among 8 to 11 year-olds of their responsibility to the environment. With the aid of interactive visuals quoting key passages from the book, pupils learn to rediscover their planet and how to be environmentally responsible citizens.



The Little Prince Workshops are an initiative launched by Veolia Environnement and are led by representatives of the non-profit association Eveil, « accompanied » by the Little Prince during their presentation. First of all, the children are introduced to Saint-Exupéry and his prince. The Little Prince is a boy who is forever wondering about the things that are important to humankind. Saint-Exupéry is presented as a daring pilot and a writer for whom friendship and humankind’s relationship with nature are favourite subjects.



Using a slide-show and richly illustrated documents, the children work on questions such as the richness and fragility of an eco-system or the impact of human activity on the environment.



All these subjects are addressed by way of the questions the Little Prince poses in the book:  « What does « ephemeral » mean?« , « What does « tame » mean? »


The famous baobabs, meanwhile, are a symbol of today’s dangers: the excess of CO2 that is causing the climate to change, the ice-caps to melt and sea levels to rise.



The Little Prince is a perfect choice for the task, since in the book he never stops asking questions about the essentials. Children today are in the same position with regard to the complexity of environmental and sustainable development issues. Now it is a child in their image guiding their first steps on the long path to environmental responsibility. At the end of the various workshops, each child has acquired real knowledge and can finally give an answer to the question: « What can I do to protect my planet?« 



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