Last June, the author of  La mémoire du Petit Prince was invited to the Rencontres internationales Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a three-day invitation-only event for those with a special interest in Saint-Exupéry’s message. While still hard at work on his book, Jean-Pierre Guéno accepted the invitation to speak about the modernity of Saint-Exupéry’s thought, and how it is possible to discern in his message an interest in what we now call sustainable development. Or rather, perhaps, his worries over the many forms of waste in our society, which he saw as « a great termite mound ».


With no more ado, we invite you to watch and hear Jean-Pierre Guéno talking about Saint-Exupéry, a writer with a voice as compelling as that of the Little Prince addressing the aviator lost in the desert.




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