Antoine de Saint-Exupéry used to say: « What matters to me is not the arriving, but the journey« .  Bruno d’Agay has chosen to follow the writer’s message to the letter.  The former company chief executive has lived in Brazil and Hong Kong. Now  Bruno d’Agay is heading off for five months in South America, retracing the routes of la Linea, l’Aéropostale’s famous South American airline.
Bruno won’t actually be crossing the continent by plane, but aboard a 4WD vehicle equipped with everything the intrepid explorer needs to make him totally self-sufficient during his wanderings.



Bruno d’Agay plans to visit first Montevideo in Uruguay, then Florianópolis in Brazil: two cities famed as Aéropostale staging-posts. Next his 4WD will head for Argentina and the cities of Concordia, Asunción and Mendoza.
On his arrival, he will be seeking to track down documents and accounts relating to l’Aéropostale and Saint-Exupéry.



As you can see, Bruno d’Agay has painted his vehicle in the colours of the South American airline, but also in those of the Little Prince. Because the journey is also inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s tale, Bruno d’Agay is planning to take with him a hundred or so copies of the story in Spanish, which he will distribute to schools in the villages lying along his route.
The traveller describes Argentina as a land of many meetings, with a sense of hospitality and sharing found almost nowhere else in the world.


More news coming soon.