Born in 1974, Jul began his career teaching Chinese history at university. Lateron, he decided to become a press artist. His drawings were published in La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées, Le Nouvel Observateur and Marianne.


For the last 5 years, Jul has been part of the team behind satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. On 3 December 2007, Jul was awarded the highly respected Prix René Goscinny for his album Le guide du moutard. For the special celebrity edition of monthly comic magazine Fluide Glacial spécial People, Jul produces a quirky caricature of the Little Prince.We see the little fellow standing on his planet, looking up at an odd sort of pilot who is warning him he is losing ground in the popularity stakes and needs to do something about his image if he wants to be a real « celeb ».


Gérard Colomb once said: « Derision is pointless unless you apply it to yourself » so here is one of Jul’s cartoons for you.


To find out what happens next, pick up a copy of the special edition of Fluide Glacial from your newsagent’s.