We told you in an earlier news item about Bruno d’Agay, who set out from France to retrace the steps of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry along the famous Linea route flown by l’Aéropostale in South America. He took with him a number of copies of The Little Prince to hand out to schoolchildren in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia.



Bruno d’Agay reports that some children already had a copy of the book in their satchels (often the very same copies used by their parents). The story has become a classic, a set text studied by all children aged between 10 and 13. Bruno’s visits to schools were very relaxed and unscripted, and the children asked lots of questions about Saint-Exupéry’s drawings, particularly his drawing of the boa.

These photos were taken in a school in Pigué, 150 km west of Bahia Blanca (Argentina).