The Little Prince has more fans than it is possible to count in Japan. The book is a national success and has even been the subject of academic research, including a study by university professor Hiroshi Mino. The Little Prince is a true popular icon, on the same footing as the characters of Hayao Miyazaki, the director of animated feature films. He even has his own museum, not far from Mount Fuji, dedicated to the character himself and his author.



Next summer will see the opening of a new space bearing his name: the Little Prince motorway service area.  Near the town of Yorii, this is a popular stopping-off point for passing motorists.  There will be restaurant facilities where visitors can taste typical specialities from Provence and stretch their legs in a real garden planted with roses and lavender.



The Little Prince service area is still under construction, but we will be keeping you posted on a project that offers a new take on motorway service areas.