Boulet (real name Gilles Roussel) is a graphic novelist. He has contributed to the Donjon saga launched by Lewis Trondheim and is the author of Raghnarok.


Many of his readers first got to know him through his blog, where he composes “autofictions” based on his everyday routine, his moods and life as an artist in Paris. His popularity as a blogger (tens of thousands of visitors daily) made him the natural choice to sponsor the first Festiblog in 2005.


And it was on his blog that we found one of his Notes, where Boulet draws himself alongside the Little Prince, in a pastiche in which the author reveals his aversion for the lack of logic in fairytales and fantasy.


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Boulet’s Notes from his blog are published by Shampoing, with 4 volumes already out on sale. The latest is entitled Songe est mensonge.

Find out more about him: Boulet Corp.