A few months ago, we introduced you to SIPAR, a voluntary group founded in 1982. Reminder: SIPAR has a major presence in Cambodia, where it is working to develop access to education by setting up libraries (180 to date, containing 2,000 books in the Khmer language) and education centres for all (38 in total). SIPAR has also put 7 mobile libraries on the road, touring the suburbs and villages to make sure no one is left out of access to education.



SIPAR is also a publisher in its own right and has already published 66 titles for young readers. The Little Prince is one of its publications, now in its fifth edition. Now we are offering you a chance to encounter the Khmer language with this edition of The Little Prince, and in a good cause.


Every copy purchased = 10 euros donated to SIPAR!


The Khmer edition is available from the online store.


Find out more: SIPAR website