Unveiled at the Oca exhibition, the global citizen’s passport (Passaporte do Cidadão Global in Portuguese) contains within its pages a real and present issue: the future of the planet. At the instigation of Monica Serra, President of the Arte Sem Fronteiras (Art without Borders) association, the project was inspired by one thought: the future of the planet rests with future generations, i.e. with children, the little princes and princesses of today.


In Brazil, children are often asked what they think is important for protecting the planet, and the question was put to them once again at the Oca: they were given a star-shaped piece of paper on which to write down their dearest wish or their ideas on how to be a responsible citizen of the planet. A youthful citizen, who will make grown-ups stop and think about the need to be responsible for your planet, its environment, its animals, etc.


Presented to young visitors to the Little Prince exhibition at the Oca, the passport sets out the values of the true global citizen: respect, culture, solidarity, reasonable consumption and a predisposition to thoughtfulness…


Some of the pages are given over to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who, as early as the 1930s, was already concerned about the future of the planet.


The passport concludes with a touching question: « Por favor… Me desenha um planeta? » (Please… draw me a planet?).


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