Ask anyone to choose their favourite passage from The Little Prince, and the answer you often get is “the fox and his secret”. The fox who speaks to the Little Prince has left his mark on all of us, because he speaks to the Little Prince, of course, but also because he speaks to us about friendship.


Like the rose and the snake, the fox is one of the characters featuring in the Little Prince animated TV. We have an exclusive for you with this preparatory sketch. As you will see, this fox is different from the one in Saint-Exupéry’s watercolours. An original character that reminds us a little of the fennec Saint-Exupéry once tamed…


Until the final character is revealed in full colour and animation, we can tell you that the fox is something of a comic character, deadpan, mischievous, but as attached as ever to his Little Prince.


More exclusive news coming soon on the series that will be making headlines!