Help us translate « The Little Prince » into… LEGOs!

We need 10 000 clicks to make this dream come true ! You can help us, click on support » on this page : It’s easy and free!

Colin Patrick Walle

We need 10 000 clicks to made this dream come true ! It’s really easy (and free) to help us : (click on Support), and share the info !

The Little Prince is the most translated novel in the world, but it has never officially been « published » in LEGO form before. We are calling on all fans of the little prince to vote (click « Support ») for this project at Please vote and let your friends know about the project too!

The LEGO Corporation has a website called LEGO Cuusoo where fans can submit proposals and, if they receive 10,000 votes, then the company will consider making them into a real LEGO set. Photos of The Little Prince LEGO project have received at least 20,000 « likes » on Facebook already, but we need your help to turn those « likes » into votes.

Voting involves first registering on the LEGO Cuusoo website. Registering through Facebook or Twitter is the easiest method – simply click on that option and agree to the standard language about allowing Cuusoo to access your page. Make sure you click “Support” to vote for the project.

Instructions for voting through the website:

– Click “Sign up now”
– Next, enter a username, email, and password. For your birthdate, month is first and then date, followed by year. Agree to the “terms of service” and click “SIGN ME UP”
– Click the link in the email you receive to activate your account.
– Click on the project (search for “The Little Prince”); then click the green “Support” button.
– To validate the vote, another screen appears—enter your country, your gender, and your profession. Check the box that says “To Support the project…” and then click “Support”.
– Finally, complete a short survey about how much you think the set should cost, how many products you would be interested in having, and why you like the project.

More information:

– How old do I have to be to vote?
Voters must be at least 13 years old to vote.

– Will I get spammed? Will LEGO Cuusoo post on my Facebook?
No. You will not receive any unwanted messages or posts from LEGO by registering.

– « How can I help promote the project? »
Share the project on your Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media.
Tell you friends, or email them the link to this page.
Print and post this page at libraries, schools, coffee shops, (in accordance with their policies).

– What does « Cuusoo » mean?
Cuusoo is a Japanese word that roughly translates into « to wish ».

– If the project gets 10,000 votes, what happens next?
The LEGO Corporation will evaluate the concept and decide whether to make a set based on it. Other project (including those based on the movies “Back to the Future” and “Ghostbusters”, and the video game Minecraft) have been adopted. If approved, LEGO will have their professional designers work to make a set based on the proposal; what you see in the project may not be exactly what LEGO produces.

– Why a LEGO version of The Little Prince?
Hopefully the answer is obvious! We believe that the story of the little prince, who appreciates imagination, would make a perfect combination with LEGO toys, which have imagination as a primary attribute.

– Who designed this project?
The concept was developed by Colin Patrick Walle, a fan of The Little Prince and LEGOs.