It can be difficult to find the right personal touch to give to the decoration of a child’s bedroom, especially as a permanent theme won’t always be appropriate as a child grows up. Home decoration TV shows and magazines often mention wall stickers as practical solutions for making a room more individual. Décopoche has a range of stickers on the theme of the Little Prince.



These stickers are big enough to give a child’s bedroom a new dimension, an extra depth. The Little Prince and the fox become everyday companions. It is then for us grown-ups to explain who the characters are, and what is the meaning of the word “apprivoiser” (to tame) that appears on one of the stickers.



The Décopoche range also includes the famous stars the Little Prince refers to at the end of the story: turn out the lights and watch them glow on the bedroom ceiling.



All the stickers are made in France, fully repositionable and available from the online store.