Krzysztof Maciejewski has more than 300 copies of The Little Prince, in 150 languages ​​.

This Polish collector fell under the charm of this work when he was a child. The philosophical tale fascinated him.

In 1998, he met Mark Potocnjak , a Croatian collector. Thus he acquired a copy in the Croatian language which marks the beginning of his collection. In the process, he buys copies English , French and Spanish . His collection grows, little by little .

He decided to create a website dedicated to his passion : www.malyksiaze.net

This incredible collection has been spotted by the Polish media. From time to time, information about it appear in the local media and national public television.

Krzysztof Maciejewski does not aim to have all editions of The Little Prince. He « only » want to have all the editions published in Polish and a copy of each language !

His obsession of the moment: owning a Little Prince translated into Egyptian hieroglyphics !