Mudpuppy is a brand which has created a range of traditional toys featuring the Little Prince.

Puzzles, blocks, color wheel, these products entertains and stimulates the children. The soft colors and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s pictures gently facilitates the learning.


Mudpuppy_37244_42_TheLittlePrince copy

The 3D puzzle, with 42 pieces, allows many possibilities for hours of play.

Mudpuppy_37688_jp_TheLittlePrince copy Mudpuppy_37732_bp_TheLittlePrince copyThe block puzzles, traditionnal toys, now with the Little Prince.

Mudpuppy_38043_dw_TheLittlePrince copy

The color wheel adapts the puzzle concept, adding to it a first comprehension of colors.


The toys are already available online.

Distribution : USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New-Zealand