Lego Cuusoo is a website owned by The Lego Corporation where Lego enthusiasts can submit proposals to be considered for real Lego sets. Recently approved sets include Minecraft and Back to the Future ! So, a Little Prince’s fan, Colin Patrick Walle, decided to create his own set.

Colin Patrick Walle

If 10,000 fans register their support, then The Lego Corporation will consider making a Lego version of The Little Prince.

Here is how to vote for The Little Prince on Lego Cuusoo:

1. Start by going to

2. Click sign up at the top.

3. On the Sign Up page click the button in the right-hand column to connect with Facebook.

4. Follow the prompts and you will be ready to go (if it takes you to the main page instead of straight to The Little Prince, just search for the project « The Little Prince » or « Colin23 »).

5. You can share the project with your friends on FB, Twitter, email, etc. You can also make a comment on the project if you like (Colin Walle, who submitted the proposal, responds to all comments).


More information:

* If the project is adopted by Lego, their professional designers will make their own version of the set

* You will not get spammed or receive unwanted emails by registering for Lego Cuusoo

* You have to be at least 13 years old to vote for a project and at least 18 years old to submit your own project