eoliens wsoy


The Finnish publisher WSOY is about to release a new book of the Little Prince’s new adventures : The Planet of the wind !

Wsoy already published 3 other books last year : Planet of Time, Planet of Firebird and Planet of Music.

In this new story the Little Prince meets the Eolians, whose one and only source of energy is wind. The wind serves – amongst other things – to warm up the planet, which is perpetually threatened by frost. The problem is that lately, the wind has weakened. The Little Prince will find out that this is due to a conflict between the great Wind Wizard and his son Zephir. Zephir diverts the wind to play his huge Wind-organ, bypassing instructions of his father. And at the same time putting an end to his farther’s dream of his son becoming his successor.

For more information about this book, click here (in Finnish).