A few days ago, a special message landed in the mailbox of the Facebook page of The Little Prince.

The author, Alan Mayer is the purser on Europe Airpost airline.

I always thought it was natural and desirable that the Little Prince found, if not his planet, the universe that his father had loved: the Aeropostale. He is at home.

Indeed, Europe Airpost was still called Aeropostale few years ago … The Aeropostale is where Antoine de Saint-Exupéry made ​​his classes. As the Europe Airpost pilots, he carried mail across the seas. If Antoine de Saint Exupéry was still with us today, he would be in charge of one of our Boeing 737. In fact we carry our passengers during the day and every night of the week, we remove all the 147 seats in each of our aircraft in just 20 minutes in order to load the French Post mail .

But Alan has found time between his travels, to board a special little passenger…
And now the Little Prince meets the aviator!


Photos : Alan Mayer