During this summer, The Little Prince has been spotted in several locations.


PP EN cavale à Kharma LING temple bouddhiste Isère

In Kharma LING,  bouddhist temple in Isère (France)

Hommage au Petit Prince de Saint-Exupéry, bien installé sur l'astéroïde B-612, au Musée de Hakone, Japon.

Comfortably standing on his asteroid, in the Little Prince Museum in Hakone, Japan.

Tupello  Tennessee _ Marylène Le Bihan

In the hand of the young Elvis Presley statue, in Tupello, Tennessee

Maria Francisca Paupério Brandão LPP in Porto Portugal

In the streets of Porto, Portugal.

Matteo Debe _ l'escala _ spain

In the city of L’escala, Spain.

Melissa Mey_Cappadocia

Ready to climb cliffs in Cappadocia.

biblio mejanes

And in Aix-en-Provence, where it forms the entrance of the Mejanes Library.

biblio mejanes 2