Welcome to the Little Prince’s Forest ! 🌲

The Little Prince’s Forest was planted in Sanilhac, in the Périgord region, on plots of land that were dying out due to the acidity of the site and a series of droughts and hot periods. The project also includes afforestation on former abandoned farmland.

3,700 trees have been planted, including maritime pines, the species best suited to the site, and hardwoods, as well as areas of free growing trees, in order to promote biodiversity and obtain a better resistance to climatic dangers.

Over its lifetime, this new forest will offset the equivalent of 20 years of greenhouse gas emissions from the Little Prince’s activity.

We will be following the development of this beautiful forest step by step, which strongly conveys the message and values of the Little Prince.

This project was realized in close collaboration with Carbon App, a company specialized in carbon offsetting.