August 15, the last 21 and 22 episodes of the audio from the series The Little Prince is available on CD and download : (Download).

The series tells the story of the Little Prince, the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and viewers can accompany the Little Prince, the Fox and Rose in new adventures throughout the universe.

In episode 21, the Little Prince has landed on the planet of Okidians. But the comet Siffreo threatens to destroy it! Only the king, the Okodo, can repel it in the sky with his magical powers, but he has mysteriously disappeared! Despite his despair Okoda, the queen, did not seem in a hurry to go looking for him … And why is she so interested in the powers of the Little Prince?
Accompanied by Okimi, The Little Prince and the Fox challenge the Snake and the Black Ideas in a race against time.
Will they find the Okodo before it’s too late?


4 R


In the last episode, tired of his repeated failures against the Little Prince, Snake decided to play his last card: he returned on B612 and kidnapped the Rose. In doing so, he knows he can lose everything. Indeed, if the Little Prince comes in the Snake’s planet and releases the rose, he will also release all those he could not save : his army of Black Ideas.


4 R

These CDs are only available in German language. You can download them here: Download