On 15 and 16 January 2010, the two exhibitions on the exploits of aviators Saint-Exupéry and Guillaumet during the heyday of l’Aéropostale were very well received. The Cédéthèque de la Gaubretière is currently home to the exhibition that tells the story of Saint-Exupéry and his mechanic crash-landing in the Egyptian desert. Printed on linen (the same type of fabric as was once stretched over the aircraft frame of the Simoun, Saint-Exupéry’s aircraft), the exhibition retraces, day by day, the events – the long trek under a scorching sun, the thirst, the encounter with their rescuer



that make up the central chapter of the book “Wind, Sand and Stars”. Photographs of Madame Racaud, whose family played host to Saint-Exupéry and Prévost when she was just six months old, mark a happy ending to the adventure. The photos show a smiling Saint-Exupéry, delighted at meeting his hosts.



The Cédéthèque de Montaigu devotes its exhibition area to l’Aéropostale’s South American lines, Guillaumet’s crash-landing in the Andes and his five-day hike through the most inhospitable conditions (storms, impassable mountains and all) that tested body and spirit to their limits.



Two splendid exhibitions celebrating courage and determination that offer an opportunity to get to know Saint-Exupéry and his lifelong friend Guillaumet a little better.
The “Wind, Sand and Stars” exhibition runs until 7 April 2010.



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