The Little Prince is a wonderful book filled with meaning, and its central character is now a popular figure in the highest sense of the word. The articles available from the online store are designed for those keen to have the world of the book, its symbols, or one of its characters close at hand…



A cuddly fox for a child’s bedroom, a big pop-up book for a child to read with an adult… don’t they conjure up a pretty picture?



With Christmas on the way, the online store is offering a selection of gift ideas for all ages and all budgets. Check out the pop-up album, the lithographs or the silk scarves that would make an ideal present for the mother of a little prince or princess.



Older readers will appreciate Jean-Pierre Guéno’s new book (Paroles de Poilus) or his  earlier work, La Mémoire du Petit Prince, or perhaps the collection of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s drawings: are all available from the online store. 



Whether you are a collector of figurines, a keen reader or simply browsing, step through the doors of the Little Prince online store to discover a wide range of gift ideas.