Jean-Claude Perrier is a literary journalist, writer and publisher. For his latest book, Les Mystères de Saint-Exupéry (the mysteries of Saint-Exupéry), Jean-Claude Perrier undertook an in-depth investigation into subjects relating to Saint-Exupéry that are a frequent source of controversy and debate.


This is not a new biography, but rather an investigation of a writer often shrouded in mystery. It is something of a work of archaeology, as Jean-Claude Perrier follows Saint-Exupéry’s back-trail by reading his manuscripts, youthful writings and correspondence.


The author has no hesitation in addressing Saint-Exupéry’s links with politics (often described as complex) or mentioning his ultimately unsuccessful involvement with the cinema. Friends of the Little Prince will discover new information on the story’s origins, first-hand accounts from well-known figures who met Saint-Exupéry as children, while the writer was working on his Little Prince.


Full of previously unheard accounts and facts drawn from precise documents, Jean-Claude Perrier’s book gives us much food for thought and matter for discussion of a writer as famous as he was reserved:  Antoine de Saint Exupéry.


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