The Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet concept was launched in the United States by environmental activist Wendy Abrams in 2007. The concept is simple: using a standard globe five feet in diameter, with the continents picked out in relief, artists express their vision of the need to save the planet. This year, 68 Cool Globes will be invading the streets of Marseilles. Produced by individual artists or by schools, they send an urgent message about the need for sustainable development.


If you happen to be strolling around Marseilles, don’t miss Guy Tempier’s globe. On its surface appear the words “It is time to attend to the planet’s toilet with great care”. Does that remind you of anything? Lift your eyes and you will see, perched on the top of the Cool Globe, the Little Prince himself, with his rose. How cool is that?  Alongside, a wooden board reads: “Thinking without limits”, a message encouraging us all to look for sustainable solutions for our own globe.