A year on from its creation, the Foundation is now presenting the five projects it has chosen to support. All involve children and young people in need.


Vol de Nuit

Over the past six years, this voluntary group has been engaged in helping children in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca in Argentina. Vol de Nuit works in the fields of access to education, culture and vocational training. The group has also decided to set up a medical and social centre to help the people of Dique Lujan. The Foundation is helping to fund the centre in 2010 (recruitment of psychologists and social workers).

Find out more : http://voldenuit-vuelonocturno.org


Académie des Sports de Cap Juby (Morocco – Agadir)

The Cap Juby group helps young Moroccan athletes (aged between 18 and 25) who, despite having a high level of sporting achievement, cannot all succeed in competing at international level. The Cap Juby group is led by François Laurent, a sports teacher and organiser of the Courrier Sud sports event. He decided to set up the Academy to offer its members training for new careers. The Saint-Exupéry Foundation is helping to provide the young athletes with language lessons (to learn French) and vocational training for careers in sport and tourism. The next Courrier du Sud event will recruit its first crop of students trained at the Académie des Sports.

Find out more : http://www.raidcourriersud.fr


Enfants du Monde – Droit de l’Homme (EMDH)

Enfants du Monde – Droits de l’Homme (EMDH) has been active since 1986, working around the world to protect children at risk and, above all, to promote their rights. Since 1994, EMDH has been working in Madagascar to promote access to education, training and employment. In 2008, EMDH set up a dedicated work centre in partnership with local authorities and businesses. The Foundation is helping EMDH to continue its action in four fields: obtaining a legal identity for the thousands of children not registered at birth; expanding and improving their access to education; fighting exclusion in schools, and ensuring lasting integration into society through access to training and employment.

Find out more : www.emdh.org


Regard’en France Cie – Social and professional integration for the excluded

Regard’ en France Cie was founded in 1993, and in 2006 it became the Centre de Ressources Théâtre Handicap (CRTH), which helps to integrate those excluded by difference into society and work. In 2010, the Foundation is supporting CRTH in finalising the work of redesigning the teaching facilities at the O Claire de la Lune school, which opened in 2004. The school, which has 31 teachers for 380 pupils, aims to change society’s attitudes to and views of disability. A civic initiative entirely in keeping with the Foundation’s philosophy.

Find out more : www.regardenfrancecompagnie.com


SIPAR – Cambodia

SIPAR was founded in 1982 by Magali Petitmengin. The group is particularly active in Cambodia, where it works to develop access to education. To date, SIPAR has set up 180 libraries containing 2,000 books in the Khmer language and 38 “Education For All” Centres, and has distributed 50,000 books to schools. SIPAR has also set up 7 travelling libraries that visit the more deprived suburbs and organise special events focusing on books. The Foundation will contribute to putting an eighth bus on the road, to serve areas around Phnom Penh and Kendal. SIPAR has also produced a translation of The Little Prince into Khmer, and the book is now in its fifth edition.

Find out more : www.sipar.org


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