A visit to the museum

Do you know the Musée des Lettres et Manuscrits on the Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris? Its collection includes a wealth of correspondence, including some of Marcel Proust’s letters and one from General Eisenhower, dated 1945, in which he announces the ceasefire that ended the Second World War, as well as a large number of manuscripts and even the diary of a survivor from the Titanic.
What we found most interesting was, of course, the display case given over to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. If you get a chance to visit the Museum, you’ll be able to see the typescript of “Terre des Hommes” (Wind, Sand and Stars) and the manuscript of its central chapter, “ Au centre du desert” (in the midst of the desert), the famous “Lettres à l’Inconnue” (letters to the fair Unknown) and, best of all, the colour film of Saint-Exupéry in Canada. To show us around, we called on the services of Museum Director Gérard Lhéritier, who also gave us a fascinating interview.