To celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Little Prince, Gallimard releases a unique anniversary box , containing the book in its original edition and the historical recording made in 1954 by Gérard Philipe. Bonus DVD of unedited images Gérard Philippe reading  » The Little Prince « .


This box contains :

– The book, as published by the NRF in 1943 with original watercolors by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

– The story read by Gérard Philipe: in 1954, for the tenth anniversary of the death of Saint- Exupéry, Gérard Philipe releases its famous adaption of the book. Published by the Festival label , this disc actually offers a selection of thirty- four minutes, about a third of the story . It also stars the voice of George Poujouly , 14 years old at that time, who plays  » The Little Prince  » and who became famous for his role in  » Jeux interdits  »   , those of Michel Roux ( the serpent) and Pierre Larquey ( the lamplighter ) . But it is obviously Gérard Philipe voice who marked generations of listeners. Audio CD 40 minutes .

– A DVD offering a rare 7-minute video : reading of « The Little Prince  » by Gérard Philipe (aired by ORTF  » Cinema Liberty » January 17, 1957 ) .

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