In order to start this friday in a good mood, here is our selection of fan creations !

But first, I want to thank a thousand times all the fans for their creativity and their dedication.

If you want to send your picture, just post it on Facebook , with the tag  : #fanartfriday.


Today, the Little Prince is thinking about his rose…


Nostalgic Little Prince by Akamaihd

broken blossoms

The Little Prince protecting his rose, by Broken Blossoms

Duygu Altas

The Little Prince with his rose, by Duygu Atlas

october illustration

The Little Prince by October illustrations


The Little Prince by Sachin Teng

But the Little Prince decided to get off the ground and take flight.


By Etringita

Elspeth McLean

By Elspeth Mc Lean


Our B612 by piccsy

Tamar Makharashvili

Tamar Makharashvili

Thank you all for participating ! Thanks to you, the Little Prince remains an eternal child…

Çiğdem Nur

Çiğdem Nur

Jade Leong

Drawing by Jade Leong

Massoud Kordahi'

Massoud Kordahi

Alexia Udriste _ handmade necklace by the mom

Alexia Udriste