It’s Fan Art Friday again !

Here is a few pictures created by fan to pay tribute to the Little Prince. We want to thank all of you for your participation. You can still post your creation on the Little Prince Official facebook page.

to draw a mocking bird

more strips on : todrawamockingbird.


Ian Brooks pictures the Little Prince’s travel to the moon.



Kix’s Little Prince is counting sheeps !



Xoch’s Little Prince has a sword !



Thank you for your participation !

Oriane, 6 years old.

Oriane 6 ans

Wool Little Prince and Fox by Kika Gbeminiy

Wing Liam

Hand-painted oil by Wing Liam

Jack A Lynn

The Little Prince by Jack A Lynn

Nikola Izsofová

The Little Prince fly ! by Nikola Izsofová

Bing Ramos

Hand-painted shoes ! Picture by Bing Ramos

Le Petit Prince

In Thailand by Napat R.

Ricky LeeThe Little Prince facing the Snake by Ricky Lee

Sweet Pea Felts

Little Prince and his sheep ! by Sweet Pea Felts

Petit Prince - el jardin de rosas_Leticia Cortina

The Rose garden from Leticia Cortina


The Little Prince taming Fox by Annie Carbo