Today, we pay tribute to The Little Prince’s fans! All your creativity makes The Little Prince alive !

Here are some new pictures that we really liked, I hope you will enjoy these too.

Giovanna Monteverde_NY

The Little Prince in the streets of New York by Giovanna Monteverde.

This Little Prince loves to travel !

Isidora Markovic, stencil in Obrenovac, Serbia

Here it is in Obrenovac, Serbia, on a mural stencil by Isidora Markovic.


And again on a wall ! Design by Mr. Tooley.

But the Little Prince comes from paper first…

Camille Ascione

Paper Toy by Camille Ascione, In Orléans, France.


Paper sculpture by MissMayoi.

And of course there are many way to picture it…

Valeria Salnikova-TLP

The Little Prince by Valeria Salnikova.

The Little Prince by So Ri Yoon.

The Little Prince by So Ri Yoon.

Joey Majdalib

The Little Prince by Joey Majdalib.

And last but not least, The Little Prince by Red Weldon Sandlin (Yes, this is a teapot).

Red Weldon Sandlin teapot

I hope you enjoyed these ! Contribute to the next fan art Friday by uploading your pictures on our Facebook page : The Little Prince Official.