Cometa Fundación ( Foundation Kite ) is closely linked to the history of a book  » The Little Prince « .

The first edition of this title was destroyed during the bombing of Kabul during the civil war. A second edition was born in Afghanistan , thanks to the generosity of a group of Spanish friends, a collector, and an Afghan man who translated into Dari , one of the two official languages.

The book was distributed to schools , libraries, universities and among women and children. The Spanish army even participated in its distribution in the provinces of Badghis and Herat.

When the collector visited the country, she had the idea of ​​doing something for women and children. Nothing better than the promotion of education , a lever that moves the world, through the construction of schools!

Thus was born the Cometa Foundation.

About the Foundation Cometa

Fundación Cometa  wants to work in the best way possible by developing educational projects that improve the prospects of future generations in the poorest countries.

To achieve this goal , there are different projects.

The Foundation wants to give a chance for hope. In a country where 75% of the population is under 25 and many of whom are illiterate and unemployed , building schools in Kabul will provide young Afghans the education needed to enter university or vocational training.

With this knowledge , they can create a society that will finally understand , through culture and respect for individual rights, that the real weapon of humanity doesn’t lies in guns, but in the power of words.

This contribution is certainly not more than a grain of sand in a vast desert , but what makes the desert beautiful is knowing that it hides a well somewhere !

Help the Foundation

The Foundation uses the micro- donations ( € 10) to complete the construction of its second school.

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