Happy Birthday Little Prince!

The Joann Sfar version to the Little Prince is a year old. On September 18th last year, the loyal adaptation by Joann Sfar was hitting the shelves. 100,000 copies later, the Graphic Novel  is a huge success in France, spreading worldwide, with 23 new translations released or coming up next to you.


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A new look at the Little Prince Store


A Brand site, a brand new store ! The Little Prince Store is also changing as the Little Prince site changes. A matching look and the chance to collect brand new Little Prince collector’s items. Among those new products, discover the 28cm resin Sheep from Leblon Delienne, limited to 350 copies, hand-drawn, it will fit perfectly with your 60cm Little Prince resin statue.


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Welcome to the New Little Prince Official Website!


Friends of the Little Prince, this new site is yours ! We invite you to click on the planet, play with them and choose the category you want. You’ll find daily The Little Prince news, and everything you need to know about the book and its author. You’ll learn from the origins of the book, portraits of fans, and everything you need to know on non-profit organization The Little Prince loves.


Have a good visit !

Little tribute from Nepal

65 years after his tragic death, no one has forgotten Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Not even The Nepal House in Gap.

The House of Nepal in Gap exhibits the Nepali edition to The Little Prince. Hosted by Jacques Beaume, a Nepal lover, this house is a great place for any traveler who wants to visit this country. This rare edition has been shown as an homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s death 65 years. A tribute from a far away country to a writer who gave so much to humanity.

Coming soon on stage

The Virgil Tanase version to the Little Prince is back at the Pépinière…

Three years after it’s successful tour, the theater version to the Little Prince by Virgil Tanase is back on stage. In this play, the Little Prince and the aviator are a single person. The play is like a monologue, a talk between an adult and the kid he was. The play is like a game, and invites you to discover your inner child, the one we left to become adults.


Find out more : www.theatrelapepiniere.com

A new translation in Sri Lanka

Good news for collectors all around the globe, the Tamoul version is availiable.

Collectors, please make room on your shelves, a new translation is coming : The Little Prince in Tamil. Tamil is the second official spoken language in Sri Lanka (south Asia), the first one being Sinhala. This edition is published by V. Sriram & S. Madanacalliany.


 Find out more : www.crea.in

A Little Prince Green House

Eyes are on Planet Mars these days : The Little Prince is now a “Green House – Robot ” aimed to explore and bring life to Mars. This tiny robot carries a plant he’s responsible of, looking for the best place for it to survive. The Little Prince reports its moves and his destination as it looks for water and minerals for its plant. They plan to send many Little Princes on Mars, and to have them talk to each other, share intels, and learn from what they know. The final goal is to bring life to Mars and see if plants and humans could exist on the planet. Could this plant be a rose ?

For now, it’s just a prototype, and it’s part of a Electrolux Design contest.


Do you know ? The missing aquarel

In 1997, Gallimard, the french publisher to The Little Prince noticed that Aquarels on the US edition were different from theirs. For instance, the Little Prince’s blue coat was green. The story tells us in1945, Gallimard couldn’t find the original art, and ask an illustrator to create some new ones based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s drawing, from the Reynal & Hitchcock version. Since 1999, every book published in France has the original drawings and colors.

Little Princes at the Stade de France

On Saturday September 5th, the non-profit Organisation called “Petits Prince” has made a dream come true to 12 kids during the international football game France Vs Romania. Those 12 kids got the chance to get on the field with their favorite players in the famous Stade de France. Among those children, Marine is the one who will shoot the Kick-Off in front of 80 000 football lovers. “Petits Prince” ‘s mission is to help sick children to get their dream come true.



Find out more : http://www.petitsprinces.com

On September on the store

In September, there is a special gift for those who visit the Little Prince Store : for every order taken before September 30th…


In September, there is a special gift for those who visit the Little Prince Store : for every order taken before September 30th from 50€ and more, the Little Prince Store offers you a free 2010 The Little Prince calendar which is both a desk Calendar and a collection of postcard you can send to family and friends.

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