PPDA is a Saint-Ex fan

If there is one famous personality above all others who admires Saint-Exupéry, that personality is journalist and writer Patrick Poivre d’Arvor.


 Many will remember his literary programme entitled « Vol de Nuit » (Night Flight). In the video below, PPDA talks about his interest in Saint-Exupéry, an interest so profound it is more like a link with the author.


 The former evening news anchor reveals that during his school-days he used to pretend to be Saint-Exupéry’s godson to impress his schoolmates. And when he was a boy, family friend Consuelo used to call him her « Little Prince ».


No more spoilers… enjoy the video (in French)!




Saint-Exupéry on the newsstands!

After its special edition on The Little Prince, Lire magazine now offers another, this time devoted to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In his editorial, François Busnel describes the life of Saint-Exupéry as a puzzle, rarely presented in its finished form…


Leafing through the magazine, you will come across all the latest news, including an interview with Jean-Pierre Guéno, author of « La Mémoire du Petit Prince« . Alban Cerisier and other specialists give accounts of their research into the life and works of Saint-Exupéry, revealing more about his personality and the key episodes of his life, like his time with l’Aéropostale and his career as a pilot.


This lavishly illustrated special edition in approaching 199 pages explores Saint-Exupéry’s thinking, and attempts to answer questions about his relationship with women or politics, or his concern, well ahead of his time, for man’s impact on his environment.


As you would imagine, the issue also includes an investigation into the mysteries of the Little Prince and the inspiration for the tale’s characters.
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The mysteries surrounding Saint-Exupéry unveiled

Jean-Claude Perrier is a literary journalist, writer and publisher. For his latest book, Les Mystères de Saint-Exupéry (the mysteries of Saint-Exupéry), Jean-Claude Perrier undertook an in-depth investigation into subjects relating to Saint-Exupéry that are a frequent source of controversy and debate.


This is not a new biography, but rather an investigation of a writer often shrouded in mystery. It is something of a work of archaeology, as Jean-Claude Perrier follows Saint-Exupéry’s back-trail by reading his manuscripts, youthful writings and correspondence.


The author has no hesitation in addressing Saint-Exupéry’s links with politics (often described as complex) or mentioning his ultimately unsuccessful involvement with the cinema. Friends of the Little Prince will discover new information on the story’s origins, first-hand accounts from well-known figures who met Saint-Exupéry as children, while the writer was working on his Little Prince.


Full of previously unheard accounts and facts drawn from precise documents, Jean-Claude Perrier’s book gives us much food for thought and matter for discussion of a writer as famous as he was reserved:  Antoine de Saint Exupéry.


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Christmas is coming with the Little Prince

The Little Prince is a wonderful book filled with meaning, and its central character is now a popular figure in the highest sense of the word. The articles available from the online store are designed for those keen to have the world of the book, its symbols, or one of its characters close at hand…



A cuddly fox for a child’s bedroom, a big pop-up book for a child to read with an adult… don’t they conjure up a pretty picture?



With Christmas on the way, the online store is offering a selection of gift ideas for all ages and all budgets. Check out the pop-up album, the lithographs or the silk scarves that would make an ideal present for the mother of a little prince or princess.



Older readers will appreciate Jean-Pierre Guéno’s new book (Paroles de Poilus) or his  earlier work, La Mémoire du Petit Prince, or perhaps the collection of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s drawings: are all available from the online store. 



Whether you are a collector of figurines, a keen reader or simply browsing, step through the doors of the Little Prince online store to discover a wide range of gift ideas.

The Little Prince seen through the eyes of Fredgri

Delving into the work of Fredgri takes you deep into a richly-filled world influenced in part by the American graphic novel and in part by mythology (the young author has no equal when it comes to drawing fauns).


Fredgri now works on both album projects and communications agency commissions.


In the pages of his blog, we encountered his vision of the Little Prince: a line drawing both totally modern and yet completely true to the spirit of the book.


Find out more about Fredgri on his professional website and his blog.



The official website of the Little Prince in Brazil

For all the friends of Brazil, the Brazilian representatives of the Little Prince who are the inspiration behind  the major exhibition mounted at the Oca centre have set up a brand new portal sporting the colours of the event.


The site is in Portuguese, but is easily translated by an online translation tool.


he portal is a splendid testament to a whole country’s enthusiasm for the character of the Little Prince. It covers key years in the life of Saint-Exupéry, explains the global passport and provides full details for anyone wishing to visit the exhibition.


The site is still very new, and will gradually be developing and adding more content, so bookmark it now!


Visitors are encouraged to contact the Little Prince team in Brazil via the designated contact space.


Find out more : http://www.opequenoprincipe.com

Claudie Haigneré: words of a sponsor

Claudie Haigneré is first and foremost a woman of great learning. A qualified doctor specialising in space neurology, she also has a DEA (postgraduate degree) in biomechanics. Claudie Haigneré is also a woman of action: many will remember her 16-day mission in 1996 aboard Mir, the Russian orbital space station.


In 2001, she served as engineer aboard the International Space Station. In the course of her space missions, the astronaut says she often thought of the Little Prince who enjoyed watching the sunset several times a day.


We also remember her time in government between 2002 and 2005. Claudie Haigneré is now President of the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie science


June 2009: Claudie Haigneré accepted an invitation to become the sponsor of the Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. We offer you an opportunity to find out more about her vision of Saint-Exupéry and his Little Prince.

Join Planet Facebook

No need to introduce Facebook to you ! But did you know The Little Prince had an official group ? If you’re a member, please join the Facebook community dedicated to the Little Prince and become his next friend out of 3000 fans.


The Facebook space is your, fans from all around the globe gather and talk about the Little Prince, share and give their impression on the book. See you right away on Facebook.


Join Friends of the Little Prince group now and become friend with the Little Prince.

Exclusive: new Toshiba ad

As part of its communication campaign on protecting the environment, Toshiba has once again chosen the Little Prince as the ambassador for its campaign in Japan. Clutching on to his flight of birds, the Little Prince travels the planets that symbolise Toshiba’s activity and express the firm’s concern to limit its CO2 emissions or use low-energy equipment.


Meet a Little Prince who has become an envoy for sustainable development. An animated Little Prince who seems to have stepped right out of one of his watercolour portraits.


The global citizen’s passport

Unveiled at the Oca exhibition, the global citizen’s passport (Passaporte do Cidadão Global in Portuguese) contains within its pages a real and present issue: the future of the planet. At the instigation of Monica Serra, President of the Arte Sem Fronteiras (Art without Borders) association, the project was inspired by one thought: the future of the planet rests with future generations, i.e. with children, the little princes and princesses of today.


In Brazil, children are often asked what they think is important for protecting the planet, and the question was put to them once again at the Oca: they were given a star-shaped piece of paper on which to write down their dearest wish or their ideas on how to be a responsible citizen of the planet. A youthful citizen, who will make grown-ups stop and think about the need to be responsible for your planet, its environment, its animals, etc.


Presented to young visitors to the Little Prince exhibition at the Oca, the passport sets out the values of the true global citizen: respect, culture, solidarity, reasonable consumption and a predisposition to thoughtfulness…


Some of the pages are given over to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who, as early as the 1930s, was already concerned about the future of the planet.


The passport concludes with a touching question: « Por favor… Me desenha um planeta? » (Please… draw me a planet?).


Find out more : http://opequenoprincipe.com