Pikku prinssi


Direction: Arja Pettersson

Expressed through the medium of dance, a tale about friendship, loneliness, the search for happiness, and the ongoing marvel of living. Seen from a child’s perspective, the story portrays the power of money and the shallowness that drives the adult world.

Of course, we are talking about Little Prince, the renowned novella that was written by the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Published in 1943, the book has been one of our most cherished cultural treasures ever since. Now, Hurjaruuth takes this enchanting adventure and delivers it in a visually enticing way – one in which small is big and big is small, one in which philosophical questions become essential tools for daily existence, and where the most important things are precisely those which can not be seen with our eyes. In this mythical and metaphoric realm, it is solely the heart that is endowed with the gift of true sight.

Duration approx. 45 min. Age recommendation: 3+ years

Ticekts: 14/10 €. Group tickets for the morning shows 7 €/person.
Reservations: tel. 09 565 7250 or liput(at)hurjaruuth.fi

On Hurjaruuth’s stage, Cable Factory, Staircase A, 2nd floor
SAT 1.3.2014 at 3 pm (PREMIERE, SOLD OUT)
SAT 8.3. at 3 pm
WED 12.3. at 10 am
THU 13.3. at 10 am
SAT 15.3. at 3 pm (SOLD OUT)
WED 19.3. at 10 am
THU 20.3. at 10 am
SAT 22.3. at 15 pm
TUE 25.3. at 10 am
WED 26.3. at 10 am
THU 27.3. at 10 am
SAT 29.3. at 15 pm
TUE 1.4. at 10 am
WED 2.4. at 10 am (SOLD OUT)
THU 3.4. at 10 am
SAT 5.4. at 15 pm