To end our Little Prince world tour, let’s go to Brazil.

In South America, the Little Prince is, at first, a TV hit.


In Brazil, Discovery Kids airs the Little Prince on Fridays and Sundays. At these times, the channel reaches audience records! The Little Prince is a popular hero. Many books and boxes have been produced.


The Publisher LEYA released the first 6 books, similar to the French collections. The series is still in progress : more books are to be published. In order to guarantee the access to these books to anyone, the publisher has created a partnership with the public institutions. Curiosity, generosity, this project embodies all the Little Prince’s values !

In Brazil, the first 2 DVDs have been released. The Planet of Time and Planet of Firebird one, is out since February 20th. The second one (Planet of Music and Planet of Wind) is available since July 3rd.

Many events take place to present the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry masterpiece to the audience, for the year of France in Brazil. Until today there were over 300 000 visitors in several cities of Brazil !

At Porto Alegre the show gathered 105 000 visitors in 45 days ! Later on, 102 000 visitors went to the event organized at Campinas . Many more shows to come!

ev braz

ev braz 2

See you soon for new adventures all around the world !