You are cordially invited to the interactive Little Prince exhibition, from July 6 to August 4 at Vale Sul shopping mall in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil.

Capture-shopping valle sul

For the summer, young visitors Vale Sul shopping center will enjoy an exclusive exhibition at the Petit Prince. The opportunity to travel on B612, but not only!

From July 6, Sunday to Friday, 12am to 20pm, and Saturday from 12am to 22pm, the main square of the Vale Sul shopping center will host a unique experience. The exhibition will focus on each step of the journey of the Little Prince: B612, the migration of wild birds, the Fox, the Sahara. But other surprises are planned!

70 years in Brazil

First published in 1943 in New York, where it was written, and the following year in France, the Little Prince is 70 years old this year. Translated by Don Marcos Barbosa, the Brazilian version arrived in bookstores in 1952. The Little Prince, a true publishing phenomenon, has been translated into 270 languages. There are now more than 1300 editions and 145 million copies sold. In Brazil, the book is very popular and sells an average of 350,000 copies a year.

An exceptional place

This exhibition was first held in 2009, in the Oca building in São Paulo, for the Year of France in Brazil. The Oca building is an exhibition space of over 10,000 m2 inside the Ibirapuera Park. In the past it has housed the Museum of Aviation in São Paulo and the Folklore Museum. Since June 2010 it hosts major exhibitions. All cities combined, the Little Prince exhibition has attracted more than 300,000 visitors.

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