Want to dress up your smartphone with the colors of your favorite hero ?

Visit Bizz Buzz to find the shell or skin that will fit your smartphone.

When buying a shell or skin , you can download the matching wallpaper.


The shells are light and elegant with a fashionable design .
They are manufactured in France , with materials of high quality and durable.

The shells are perfectly adjusted to your phone. They are protective, decorative and allow you to fully customize your mobile . Finally, they provide maximum protection against scratches, bumps, and more.
(With openings for the ports. )


The skin has been designed to protect your smartphone while making it unique .

Repositionable and of great quality , it allows you to fully customize your smartphone.

Designed with the unique technique of « doming » , the skin is not a cover nor a simple decorative adhesive but a real second skin , smooth and flexible which protects your smartphone from bumps , dirt and splashing water. Thin but very robust, its « glossy » laminated surface  is resistant to scratches and protects it if dropped .

It is completely non-slip, preventing your phone from sliding on surfaces such as glass, plexiglass, wood, metal …

Innovative and ergonomic, the skin provides a nice grip, leaving all the available keys.

Repositionable and reusable, it is easy to install without bubbles and can be removed without a trace.

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