You already know that Canada has warmly welcomed the Little Prince, with his arrival in Grevin Montreal.

But did you know that the series of The Little Prince is regularly broadcast on three channels?

Knowledge Network broadcasts the Little Prince every Sunday at 10:30.

On TVO, The Little Prince airs on the first Sunday of the month at 2 PM. Episodes of seasons 1 and 2 have all been released, but the popularity of the series can not be denied and will be rebroadcast until the arrival of season 3! TVO has also participated in the drawing competition asking children to draw the planet of their dreams to appear in episodes of the next season. A happy little viewer will see its Planet Dinosaur on the screen!

Télé-Québec, which aired the Little Prince this spring, also participated in the drawing competition of the season 3! The lucky winners will see their designs in the third season from Quebec!