Our “Organisations” section presents a panorama of all the voluntary organisations whose names and actions are inspired by the Little Prince. Les Ailes du Petit Prince upholds the values of the book with talent and humanity, creating ties that go beyond differences. For over ten years, the organisation has sought to offer something special to children affected by disability or illness.


Its pilots may not be lost in the desert, but they reach out to little princes and princesses to take them soaring above the clouds aboard their aircraft. What these generous volunteers offer is so much more than a plane ride. They put their skills and their passion to work for an excellent cause: bringing excitement, escape and the thrill of flying to children who have missed out on so much of the carefree existence of childhood.


Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, so take a look at the film entitled Osez le ciel (“reach for the sky”), directed by Martin Rolland, which captures the work of the organisation through the eyes of young Alexandre, co-pilot for a day.



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