Today, it’s Fan Art Friday !

We want to thank all the fans fo sending their creations, as beautiful and unique as always.

If you want to participate, send us your picture on Facebook (The Little Prince official).


If the Little Prince keep inspiring you, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was not forgotten…

Em Nareak

Em Nareak

Dennis Bacalhau - fan art

Dennis Bacalhau

Parisa Ghafoori-fan art

Parisa Ghafoori

Grettel Pablo - Fan art

Grettel Pablo

Žirafa Nurko

Žirafa Nurko

Louis David Orlando Heerasing

Louis David Orlando Heerasing

Paula Lievano Berges -fan art2

Hiram Alonso López-fan art

Hiram Alonso López

The Little Prince is born on paper. But, in your creations, he escapes it to reach all the materials… The imagination has no limits !

Anthony Avangard-fan art

Anthony Avangard

Ana Sofìa


Anabela Patrícia-2

Anabela Patrícia

Elena Hatzeli-fanart

Elena Hatzeli

Marylene le Bihan patchwork

Marylène Le Bihan

徐嫈嫈-fan art friday


Sungchul Park

Sungchul Park

Colin Patrick Walle-fanart friday

Colin Patrick Walle

See you next Friday !