5,000 copies of The Little Prince for the Altai Republic

The Little Prince for the Altai Republic

The Altai Republic is a remote mountainous region on the confines of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. As a way of establishing ties with its inhabitants, Russian voluntary group The Little Prince’s Stars oversaw a translation into Altai and the distribution of 5,000 copies of The Little Prince to children in the Altai Republic. The project was a lengthy undertaking, requiring a full year to complete.

Find out more: http://www.lepetitprince.ru/presentations/altai

Re-edition in Amharic

The Little Prince in Amharic


Amharic is a language spoken by 2.7 million people around the world, mostly in Ethiopia, but also in Egypt, Israel and even Sweden. While still a working language in Ethiopia, it is no longer the official language of the country. This re-edition of The Little Prince in Amharic was translated by Habte Maryam Markos.



A Little Prince in Amazighe

The Little Prince in AmazigheVoluntary group Afrak Masst has published a version in Amazighe (Berber). The task of translation was a bold undertaking that required four years. The translator was anxious not only to transcribe the original text as faithfully as possible, but also to offer a translation taking its inspiration from the different variants of Amazighe (from the Rif, from Central Morocco and the south east, as well as from the Kabyle and Touareg languages), while still being understandable by every reader. The edition is printed in Latin characters and is accompanied by a glossary in French.

The Little Prince back on stage!

Affiche Le Petit Prince au Théâtre du TempleAfter an absence of six months, the stage adaptation of Le Petit Prince directed by Virgil Tanase is finally returning to the boards at the Théâtre Le Temple in Paris 11e, starting Saturday 1 December. In this new setting, a theatre with a long and noble history, the play will be performed every Saturday and Sunday at 3.00 p.m. There will be two extra performances, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3.00 p.m., during school holidays.

Reservations on 01 43 38 23 26, Fnac.com and usual outlets.

 Théâtre Le Temple
18, rue du faubourg du Temple
75011 Paris







6th Compiègne Film Festival

Poster of 6th Compiègne Film FestivalFor its 6th edition to be held between 11 and 17 November, the Compiègne Festival of historical films will be paying tribute to the history of aviation. The film Le Petit Prince by Arünas Jabriünas (Lithuania, 1967) will be screened on Monday 12 November at two performances.
14h: a special performance will be attended by 180 schoolchildren accompanied by their teachers. The screening will follow a talk by Jean-Christophe Piffaut on Adaptations of The Little Prince.

19h: an evening\’s « Tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry » with Bernard Chabert, who will talk about Saint-Exupéry and l\’Aéropostale, followed by a presentation by Jean-Christophe Piffaut entitled Saint-Exupéry and the cinema before the second screening of the film Le Petit Prince.

Find out more: festivaldufilm.compiegne.fr (website in french)

20 years of partnership between Le Petit Prince and Petit Jour

Partnership between The Little Prince and Petit Jour - ParisIt is now 20 years since The Little Prince\’s path crossed that of Thomas Lettmann and Petit Jour. Since then, we have never left one another\’s side… to everyone\’s satisfaction!

Come and celebrate this anniversary with us and find out more about the history of a long and fruitful friendship, but also about 20 years of the Little Prince collection – and win vouchers to spend at Petit Jour Paris!

Find out more: http://www.antoinedesaintexupery.com/petitjour/

The Little Prince sets off for China!

The Little Prince in ChinaOur beloved Little Prince, a born globe-trotter, is forever travelling from planet to planet and country to country, and tomorrow he is off to China! As part of the « Festival Croisements », a series of four readings of Le Petit Prince in French and Chinese is being organised by Alliance Française centres in four major Chinese cities: Beijing, Xian, Wuhan and Shanghai.

On stage, two actors: from France, Anny Romand and from China, James Pax. They will read Le Petit Prince, in both languages, naturally: each will respond to the other. Festival Croisements/Jiaoliu is a festival of cultural encounters in which France and China compare and combine traditions and modern ideas, affinities and differences to serve popular creations open to the world. Building on the years of Franco-Chinese cross-cultural cooperation, the festival offers 100 shows and exhibitions centred on the visual arts, theatre, circus, dance and music, to be staged in 10 cities around China.

Find out more: Festival Croisements

The Little Prince supports the DRC

Show Le Petit PrinceThe Swiss Association of the Friends of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is organising an afternoon tea and show on 6 June in Geneva, with a one-off performance of Le Petit Prince, directed by Virgil Tanase.

All proceeds from the performance will go to the Association of the Friends of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on behalf of a school and computer project in Kinshasa. The aim of the project is to set up a Saint-Exupéry Computer Centre for the schoolchildren and students of Kinshasa. The centre will help young people learn computer skills that will stand them in good stead when looking for employment.

Wednesday 6 June, from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. at the Salle Centrale Madeleine
10 rue de la Madeleine, Geneva.

Migros Genève – Service Culturel
7 rue du Prince
1204 Genève

Visit to Japan

Exhibition of The Little Prince in JapanLet\’s find out more about a travelling exhibition in the land of the rising sun, on the subject of The Little Prince and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry…

The exhibition was unveiled for the first time on 24 April in the Ginza Matsuya department stores in Tokyo. It presented the Japanese with an unusual view of The Little Prince in the form of 15 giant animated books representing the work\’s main themes and revealing some of its secrets.

In the footsteps of the little prince…

The original illustrations of The Little PrinceGreat news for the friends of The Little Prince from the land of the rising sun: one of the original illustrations for the world-famous book has come to light!
In 1994, Minoru Shibuya, a museum curator from Japan, purchased a signed drawing at a book fair; the drawing showed the Businessman\’s planet visited by The Little Prince on his travels. Although he believed that the drawing was indeed by the hand of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Mr. Shibuya also thought it was nothing more than a draft. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was known for drawing whenever and wherever he could, even on restaurant table-cloths. Indeed, that is precisely why there are so many sketches all over the world, points out François d’Agay, the writer\’s nephew. « Seeing it gives me a great deal of pleasure. I am much moved to see a drawing by Saint-Exupéry, » he said. The mystery as to how the drawing came to be in Japan remained unsolved, however.
The drawing was recently examined by experts and identified as very probably being one of the drawings used by the US publisher Reynal & Hitchcock for the very first edition of The Little Prince in 1943. If this is really the case, it represents an incredible find, since the original drawings for The Little Prince were believed lost after the death of the author and aviator. It would be only the fourth drawing discovered to date! The news was released in Tokyo, at a press conference attended by François d’Agay.